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Is there a curse / spell on me that is intended to negatively affect my relationship?
Elizabeth, 1990
Tim, 1988

The tarot cards are just a tool, so one cannot use these cards to find out if one  has been cursed - tarots are pure in this respect, and no card is assigned to such a question, and so cannot be used to determine this.

As a psychic, I personally don't feel you are cursed Elizabeth, but you think you have been cursed which makes this real for you...

Tonight is a perfect night as it's the dark of the Moon  - do this at sunset/evening - have a bath with sea salt, as you lay soaking in the water, say over and over again "earth goddesses cleanse me, water spirits cleanse me" until you feel the energies moving within you. Rinse, and come out feeling how cleansed you feel :)

Then if you want to go further, at sunset or evening get a Dragonblood incense stick, open the window and waltz the smoke around you, saying "fire goddesses cleanse me, air goddess make me clean" then when the whole stick has been burned, slam the window shut and say "pain begone, curses are removed, I want you no more! Spirit bless me!"

Finally on the night of the Full Moon, June 23rd - open the window, and burn a Sandalwood incense stick saying 'Spirit bless me' until you feel happy, and then let the incense stick burn. Thank Spirit afterwards.

And this should remove all curses for you Elizabeth ((( ♥ )))  

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