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Tarot Card Readings/Which Tarot Card You Use For Prediction-Guidance Needed


I was asked a question with you about 2 years back and today when i was reading my older mails i seen your prediction which is so accurate and thanks for doing a great help by helping us by doing this voluntary service.

I am very much interested to learn/Practice this Tarot and i would like to seek your guidance to know which system is best like Rider Waite method or something else...

Can you please share your valuable thoughts on this and once again thanks for your voluntary service...


Thank you for the wonderful feedback!  I use the Rider-Waite deck.  There a number a spreads I do.  Mainly I choose one that would be appropriate for the topic in question.  For instance, if I have a question about someone wanting to know about the mood of their relationship and the outcome I do a three card spread to give a summary of the overall energies of their relationship.  

If the questioner wants a more in depth reading then I perform the celtic cross spread.  These two spreads are my main methods of reading.  Any other spread I do is mainly to tailor to the questioner's inquiry.  

One thing is that it doesn't matter which deck you use.  My advice would be use the deck you feel drawn to, where you can imagine it's imagery working for you.  

I wish you the best of luck with your readings!  And happy learning!

God Bless,

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I can answer questions about your love/personal life, family life, education, work, finances and your spiritual journey. If I get "feelings" or I start "sensing" things about you or your question, I will let you know. I cannot answer questions about past lives and reincarnation or medically related questions because I do not feel comfortable with those. I will need your first name and date of birth. For more readings please go to my website at and click the Purchase a Reading link. One question per person. I will reject any additional/followup questions.


I have been doing tarot for 16 years and do it for friends, family and sometimes for strangers who want a reading. People say my predictions come true, but I like to think that my readings give good sound advice as opposed to inevitable predictions. I feel its more enlightening to give some interesting insight or a different perspective to your issues. My readings do not always give predictions, however, because sometimes a little advice as well as empowerment is more important to your situation than knowing the future.

This field does not require educational credentials, I am good at tarot that is all need be known.

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Friends, family and from time to time strangers passing by.

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