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I'm looking to see where my love life is headed right now.  I'm interested to know where things are going with the man I'm seeing.  Thank you. Lauren 11/24/81

Dear Lauren

Your question was put in the question pool, but I don't know why, so I have taken the opportunity to answer it for you today.  

Tarot Used : Tarot of Dreams
Layout : Past Present and Future
Question: Where is my love life headed right now? (No date of birth given for man you are seeing).

Past - VII Cups - This card is implying that you've been doing a lot of thinking and wondering about this relationship. But perhaps it is also a warning that you are deluding yourself about something. Do you truly know deep down how things are going to turn out but just don't want to be realistic?  It could also note that you may want to look at other choices you have and not just focus on this one man because there will be other better opportunities which will come present themselves. This card stands for having grand illusions about love. However, these are just wishes and my advice would be to not get carried away

Present III Wands You are waiting for your ship to come in.

Future XXI World Your spiritual journey will be coming to an end, but not forever.  Always remember, the World is your oyster.  Your life can be whatever you want it to be.  Just have faith, take action and believe.  It seems as if you will come full circle on something -- and you will sort of back at the beginning and you know what it would take now to truly move on.

Taking the cards into combination, you have been confused around this relationship & doing a lot of thinking (7 Cups), there is something you are waiting to happen( 3 of Wands) however, the cards indicate that there is going to be a natural end of a cycle, and you are going to go back to the beginning and start something new. This may mean your relationship will be coming to a natural ending of a cycle you are in, or you will go to another level within your relationship.

There are two parts in this Tarot Deck, Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. Minor Arcana are events that are changeable. Major Arcana are events that are already set in motion and will happen.

Past and Present cards are Minor Arcana cards. Cups represent watery emotions and intuitions. Wands represent fiery energies and the spirit of endeavour.

Future card is a Major Arcana card.

Please do not take the Tarot reading as the final word and your only choice.

You ultimately decide if you wish to follow this or not.

I hope this was of some help to you.

Christy x  

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