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Hi Baihu, thank you for offering your help here. I've been a relationship with my boyfriend for 2yrs, and would like to know if this is meant to progress further or if there will be the possibility of new long term love. Whatever you see or feel is helpful. My DOB 1 11 1983. He's supposed to be born 12 25 1979, but I'm not sure. His name is Marcelino. Thanks again:)

Hi Sophia

I observed several things in your question...based on that, I don't think tarot can help as much as just considering a few key questions. I think you already know the answer...the trick is bringing that knowing to the surface.

Let me ask you this...

When you say "if this is meant to progress"...who is doing the "meaning"? Whose intent is in charge of your life? I don't believe in fatalism. I believe we have a hand in choosing our paths. We are not the puppets of divinity. We are part of the whole, part of the universe, and what we choose, do or simply observe has an effect on how our future unfolds (Like Schrodinger's cat in physics) and which of all possible futures we wind up experiencing.

Have you ever heard that old saying "if you have to ask the price, then you can't afford it anyway" ? It speaks volumes that you are even asking this question in the first place. If you believe this 2 year relationship is right for you and on a good path, why would you be asking a stranger on the internet how the relationship will unfold?

Now ask yourself this...are you sending this question because you have cold feet and are a little frightened by the relationship progressing OR are you sending this question because you are not happy and WANT a new love?? If you have to ask at all, something is up. But what? Why the uncertainty? Do you WANT the relationship with Marcelino, or do you want OUT of the relationship with Marcelino? Decide what you want and need...then act toward that choice.

Why on earth are you asking some strange psychic online about this instead of talking about your feelings with Marcelino himself? Don't you care what he thinks and feels about this? Isn't his feelings important to you?

Put the shoe on the other foot...how would you feel if Marcelino asked an internet psychic to predict if your relationship would progress or if he was going to get a new love? How would that make you feel, and would you really want Marcelino to be subjected to that kind of feeling / energy?

I suggest using my "decision meditation" to discover your own feelings and desires...then talk to Marcelino directly. Only the two of you working together can decide if this is meant to be or not. Only you can decide if you want this relationship or a new one.

Go to http://www.modernoracletarot.com and hover the cursor over the "special meditations" tab, then click the DECISION meditation (the relationship meditation is NOT the right one for you). Try that meditation compare being in a relationship with Marclino, and not having him in your life (set the idea for a new love aside for now...you have to deal with the relationship in your life now before you can move on to thinking about a new one)

Give the meditation a real try...decide what you want, then you'll know what kind of conversation you want to have.

Best Wishes to you both.

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