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QUESTION: Hello Sir,
I am seeking tarot guidance on how to improve my relationship with my husband. I got married 5 months back and my mother-in-law has caused quarrels over money/dowry/trust.
I feel my husband is losing trust in me as there has been some back-biting. How can I make my relationship work better?

me: anjani(24/06/1982)
my husband: amit(30/11/1978)

Thanks for your help, anjani

ANSWER: Hello Anjani

What a pretty name...is it Indian? The message shows you are writing from the U.S. Are you American? My intuition is there are cultural issues at play here that I don't fully understand (I'm American - "Baihu" is an old internet nickname)

What about your husband and his mother? Are they American? What is their culture and beliefs? Here, dowries are no longer used. In the contemporary point of view, your mother-in-law has no say in your marriage - you should be able to work out any money issues directly with your husband. If he allows the back-biting or he allows his mother to interfere or if he degrades or excludes you...then the blame lies with her for interfering and him for allowing it...and to some extent you for allowing it too. The mental image here is of a lion...you being strong as lion and standing up for your rights, standing up to your husband to treat you like an adult and an equal. I don't know how things are in other cultures or countries, but there are places here you can go to stay safe if things get physically violent. There are shelters to help you if things get truly dangerous and wrong. Finding a professional counselor to help you might be a good idea if things get too out of control. I have an uneasy sense there may be more here than tarot can help...you need someone who can help you right there where you are, in-person. Or at least a friend or family member that knows the situation, knows all of you, and can give you advice.

Let me do a "one card meditation" for you. We'll pull one card, then you think about it for a while, and see what advice it has for you. This will be much more clear and less confusing than doing a multi-card reading.

Well that explains the lion...the card I pulled for you is "Strength" from the major arcana. In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, there is the picture of a woman and a lion on the card. A major arcana cards means this is an important time for you...this is a turning point in your life. Choose what you do (or what you avoid) wisely and with care. If you start down the wrong path, have the courage and strength to learn from mistakes and go in a new direction. The word "courage" comes through for you very loud, strong ... courage, courage, COURAGE!!!. Now I see the "cowardly lion" from the old version of "The Wizard of Oz" movie...not the new one, the 1938 one. Right now it feels like you are the timid lion, and it is time for you to find your courage. Do what you KNOW is right, what must be done, even if it is terribly frightening.

And there the energy steps back. That is a plenty big enough assignment for you!

Best Wishes!

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QUESTION: Thankyou Sir for your valuable time... great advice!!
Yes, I am Indian everyone involved are Indian. Sorry about the confusion, I was in office network so it would have displayed the incorrect location.

Best Regards always..

That does make sense of the energies then. It still feels if this is something from your culture that I don't quite comprehend, just because I grew up in a different country than you...I get the mental image of a kindly older man, like what I would think of as a yogi or guru who could give you much better advice than I can...someone you could talk to face to face. It may be a female, too, but I definitely get the feeling of someone older, very gentle, very kind that you should find and talk with about this. Their gentle guidance may help you find your inner courage.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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