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respected sir, i was born on 23rd november 1995 . i am female .my question is what will i become in future, a doctor ? i desire to become doctor.


Thank you for your question, here is you answer:

In the past you have always had a very studious side to you.  You have an inquiring mind and you are very intelligent.  I am seeing that right now you are taking the necessary steps to becoming a doctor and you seem to be doing a good job in terms of networking and planning your life ahead.  What I am also seeing for your future is that you will be offered the opportunity to go to school to study medicine and you will do very well.  I feel you will specialize in something having to do with children or young people.  However, I do see for sure you will do very well in becoming a doctor.  Wishing you the best of luck!

God Bless,

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I can answer questions about your love/personal life, family life, education, work, finances and your spiritual journey. If I get "feelings" or I start "sensing" things about you or your question, I will let you know. I cannot answer questions about past lives and reincarnation or medically related questions because I do not feel comfortable with those. I will need your first name and date of birth. For more readings please go to my website at www.StellarTarot.com and click the Purchase a Reading link. One question per person. I will reject any additional/followup questions.


I have been doing tarot for 16 years and do it for friends, family and sometimes for strangers who want a reading. People say my predictions come true, but I like to think that my readings give good sound advice as opposed to inevitable predictions. I feel its more enlightening to give some interesting insight or a different perspective to your issues. My readings do not always give predictions, however, because sometimes a little advice as well as empowerment is more important to your situation than knowing the future.

This field does not require educational credentials, I am good at tarot that is all need be known.

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Friends, family and from time to time strangers passing by.

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