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My name is Suzana DOB 630924 Albert DOB 700422. My name is Suzana and I live in Sweden. Albert lives in the States. We have met on FB and have been talking ever sinse february. Albert and I have been talking about meeting somehow eather him coming to me or me going to him. We had a fight over internet the other day so i'm not sure if he wants to continue the longdistance relationship or not. My question is do you see us meeting in the future or will this be the end? I really hope not because I love him very much.

Dear Suzana

Thank you for trusting me with your question on AllExperts.com. My name is Christy and I hope to be able to help you today.

I have drawn 3 cards, they are:

Queen of Cups (you) The Wheel (now) and Five of Cups (outcome)

The Queen of Cups is a very sensitive emotional woman and takes things to heart quite quickly.  I feel this is you.  I feel looking at the cards, the whole ordeal of the fallout with Albert has had a profound effect on you and made you feel very down hearted.  I feel that you only want to do what is best for your situation and you want to try and put things right if you can.  The Wheel indicates that there has been a change in your connection with Albert which you had no control over, those changes were going to happen anyway with the Wheel appearing here: what was going well, the wheel has now changed direction for you, probably in a way that you was least expecting. The Wheel sometimes comes along just to throw us a little off balance.
The Five of Cups shows me that you have been very upset or unsettled over your fight on the internet and you are still very sad about it, although I get the feeling that you have some regrets now.  I have to be honest I don't think everything is lost, I do feel that you are going to have another opportunity with Albert at some point down the line to put things right with him  - if you haven't done so already.  The cards don't show me that you will be meeting in these 3 cards ( I would need to do a larger spread of cards to look at that, this area is for 1,2,or 3 cards for free) but they do show me that there is a glimmer of opportunity to have him back. Things are going to perk back up again in time between you both and you will feel compelled to put things right. You still have 2 cups remaining in the 5 of Cups which tells me you could have your friendship / relationship back again :)

Past and Future cards are Minor Arcana cards.

Present (now)  card is a Major Arcana card.          

Cups represent watery emotions and intuitions.  

Please do not take the Tarot reading as the final word and your only choice.

You ultimately decide if you wish to follow this or not.

I hope this was of some help to you.  Good Luck.



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