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Hi Christy

I have met a new guy, Mark, and I was wondering how this will develop between us? I really really like him. His date of birth is 10/3/71 and I am 24/5/72

Thanks Christy!


Hi Jess

Thank you so much for your question! My name is Christy, and I am using the Rider-Waite Tarot today

The cards I drew are:

The Knight of Cups - Significator (Mark)
Ace of Cups - Past
Two of Cups - Present
10 of Pentacles - Future

Wow Jess, with these cards I can really see things taking off for you romantically with Mark!!!

The Knight of Cups is the first card out which represents Mark  This is telling you that Mark oozes charm and charisma, he is also a hopeless romantic and will most probably say I love you before you know it!  It looks as though you have met a really nice guy as from what I can see he appears to be very loving and romantic.  He will sweep you off your feet!

The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of your new love affair, combined with the Two of Cups, this is telling me that things will move along quite quickly for you and your connection should be quite an amazing one.  There is a mutual attraction showing between the both of you.  

Looking at the cards, I am feeling that your relationship will move quite fast as you may get a proposal off Mark leading to engagement/marriage down the line.

The Ten of Pentacles is a lovely card to get as this represents your future.  Your future looks very bright with John: you will be financially secure both in your material lives and  have a stable family life.

Overall, Jess, It looks as though you are going to have a very happy, prosperous future with Mark! Congratulations!


Christy xx

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