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Hi, Thank you for answering my question. My name is Michele (6/15/65) and the guy I dumped yesterday is Rene (8/14/74). We have only dated for 3 months. In the very beginning, everything was nice. He recently told me that he has BIPOLAR and ADHD.  He told me he loved me after we argued. He is very controlling and can be nasty when we argue. He has called me names but when the outburst is over, it's as if nothing has happened. I give it right back to him and I can be nasty too when I am not treated right. He won't go to therapy and is not aware of his issues. He is very intelligent and has helped me with business marketing tips.The intimacy between us is wonderful and he is true gentlemen. He is still grieving him mother who passed away when he was 18. My question is : I would like some insight into his feelings for me and was it real. I read his cellphone while he was sleeping and found texts from his ex. He was truthful about it but I think it's rude to text your ex when you are with your present girlfriend. He has some really good qualities. If he would only get counseling and get on medicine to control his outbursts he would be fine. I don't want to think that I was used or wasted 3 months only to get my heart hurt. He has been texting me today. Thank you, I hope I made my question clear. God Bless.


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

What it shows is that you really wanted to plan all this out and be organized with getting him help and having a real solid plan.  You would have liked to have a future with him.  I am seeing that you were actually very important to him and that he thought very highly of you so there is no using here.  However, it looks like unless he gets some help there does not look to be a future for you two.  It doesn't look to me like he going to get help any time soon.  His feelings were real but unfortunately when someone has an illness like his, it makes it really difficult to have a healthy productive relationship. I see that you made the right choice leaving him and the best thing would be to continue on your path of moving on.  

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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