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hi my names mandy 7,11,59 and my husband is Andrew 29.12.59 we are currently separated hes with someone else. Do u see a us reconciling in the future please? and him wanting to talk to me soon I believe hes not happy but not sure if he wants his life back with me. thankyou

Dear Mandy

I picked your question up from the question pool.

I have cleansed my cards through incense and asked my communication guide and your guide to step forwards to assist me with the reading.  I shuffled the cards and here is what came out-

Knight of Cups ** reversed  ** ~~ How He Feels About You

Ace of Wands ** reversed **  ~~  Where This Relationship Is Headed In The Future

I am not here to tell you what to do, nor are the Guides or the Cards.  We are here to guide you, but ultimately the choice is yours at the end of the day which direction you wish to take once you have digested this reading.

The first card tells me you may receive an offer from Andrew which is too good to be true.  He may actually be telling you a half truth or lying to you. I feel this may be about coming home to you.   He might mis-lead you by being vague or just not telling you the whole truth.  Be very careful if you receive any proposals from him as they may be short lived.  It could be that he comes back to you - then leaves again, or promises to come back, and lets you down.

The Ace of Wands reversed is a clear indicator, for me, that your relationship has lost its spark and is not going anywhere. I feel this card is telling you that this, for the time being, is a non- starter.  He may promise you, but I don't feel he is going to deliver.  

I am just feeling the energy is blocked from Andrew, and I am not seeing a reconciliation. I do feel your suffering has been unbearable, and I feel it will linger for a while longer.  I don't feel there is anything you can do to resurrect this relationship at the moment due to him being with this other woman (sorry).

I am sorry this is not what you want to hear Mandy however this is the energy I am picking up from the cards.
My advice is focus more on you and work on your self esteem to get strong again.  Try to look forwards rather than backwards now.

Warm wishes

Christy xx  

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