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Hi Baihu,

My name is joji, female, birthdate: May 2nd, 1986.
Thanks for taking the time to read my request.I am starting a new phase in my life(the past 5 years were very very hard) and wondering if there is any advice from the universe on the current energies surrounding me and how best to proceed from this moment on in my life.

Hi Joji

Seven shuffles felt like the right thing for this reading. After that, your cards today are:

Lessons from the past: 2 of Swords "mystical unity"
Where you are now: Hermit (in reverse) "subtlety"
Next step forward: The Lovers "desire"
Advice: 7 of coins "harvest"
Alternate path: Ace of Cups

General Pattern: With two major arcana cards, that hints that there is energy, change, growth yet to come. BUT the minor arcana is still in the majority, and 3 of the 4 minor suites are represented. That gives the spread the feeling 'don't fear the change'...after a rough time, like you've already had, further change might sound intimidating, or make you want to brace for the worst...but this doesn't have that feel at all. The change from going down to going up is still a change after all, just a good energy one. So still change and growing, but at a tolerable pace, in a calm and good way.

Lessons from the past speaks to new skills, hard-won lessons that you have learned fairly recently. Like most cards in the "past" position, this is a reassuring, validating sort of message. You mentioned in your note that the past five years have been difficult. This card is reminding you of the most spiritual of lessons that you've learned during that time. This card is congratulating you for the way you've handled things, and for the spiritual things that you have used to help you get through those times. Your are both being congratulated for how you've coped, grown, learned, but also being asked to hold on to those hard-won insights, hold on to them and use them again if and when they are needed.

I don't think a card showing upside down  changes the meaning of the card the way that some old-fashioned tarot readers do...I just think it changes the context of the message. Many times this card has a 'wise old teacher' feel about it. For you, it feels more like the social isolation that some deeply spiritual teachers choose (think of the guru on a mountain top, or a Kung Fu master that lives far away from villages, that sort of thing). Being in reverse, this card feels like the opposite advice for you. After a tough time, your impulse might be to isolate yourself. I 'hear' "BRING YOUR TEACHING TO THE VILLAGE". It may feel like you have out-grown your old friends. You may feel detached from old friends, even family, because they haven't had the challenges you have face, or learned in the spiritual way that you have. The advice here is to engage socially with people who are at your spiritual level. Stay connected. Connect with people who share your life philosophy and spiritual outlook. Don't be afraid to share what you've learned, quietly. Be like the hermit-sage. Think Gandalf, if you are a Tolkien fan. Connect with other wizards, give sage advice to old friend if/when they seek you out for advice. It feels important to find you "new" spiritual peers, but no need to isolate yourself or avoid your old ones. One group you can help -- the other you can engage with as an equal.

The Lovers card is all validation and encouragement. You are on track to find and attain your heart's desires on a spiritual, philosophical, overall-quality-of-life level. Contrary to popular belief, this card isn't about romance, marriage or finding "Mister Right". It is about what you desire, whatever that may be, not just romance. In fact, it discourages that kind of 'i want so and so' out to get a soulmate kind of thinking.

The advice from the 7 of coins connects with the 2 of swords. The swords reminds you to remember the spiritual things you've learned. The coins card encourages to use them, and to plant the very best seeds you can now, for the harvest later that this card promises will come. Plant good seeds now for a good harvest later. Take care, and be deliberate and mindful of the spiritual thoughts and energies you send out - they will come back to you threefold. AND also be mindful of the practical, nuts-and-bolts foundations you are laying in career and relationships now...set things up now to turn out well for yourself later, and hopefully avoid another challenging period like the one you just finished.

The ace of cups validates, again, that you are on a good path and encourages to make good choices, think about and use the spiritual lessons that you have learned over the past several years. Learn to know your own inner light...be assured you are a good person...then let that light shine. It will touch and help others.

Scrying: In this part, I just note whatever mental images that come through as I look at the spread as a whole again. It often starts with colors...in your case it is turquoise, teal, dark blue, green...very "ocean" or azurite, or malachite kinds of colors. There is a waxy kind of feel like it is trying to steer the color reference toward polished gemstone, or maybe candles. Do either of those sound right to you. Now I'm leaning a bit toward candles. Do you have any favorite jar candles in those kinds of colors? There is also a scent...fruity, citrus, like orange, or bergamot.

My attention is drawn to this fall / holiday period, but still a strong association with those turquoise/teal kinds of colors.

Now a scarf or sweater...not sure what that is a reference to or about.
Now a tea kettle...is there some association between a tea kettle (an orange or yellow one?) and an older relative, like a grandmother??

And there the energy steps back. I leave that last part with you to decide if and how it might make sense to you or what it means.

I hope this helps! If you like the reading, I'd appreciate it if you would recommend my e-mail readings (that are just like this one). Please feel free to visit my blog, too at www.modernoracletarot.com

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