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Hi, my name is Suzana 24-09-1963 and the man i love is Albert 22-04-70. Can you please see if there will be a reconciliation between us or is it definitely over as far as he is concerned?


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

From what I am seeing according to you reading, you got the Hanged Man to symbolize that you are waiting and just waiting passively, like you are suspended.  You may even feel like you are the victim of the circumstances of the ended relationship.

For Albert I am seeing the Three of Swords showing that he is also upset and hurt.  He is appearing to be heartbroken and disappointed about what has happened.  However, I am seeing that there was an element of selfishness displayed on his part.  I am seeing a third party indicated, and it was a selfish act on his part.  

In the future however, I am seeing a reconciliation occurring between you two.  You will have the chance to get back together, however I feel it would be better to take it slow such as friends first before becoming lovers again.  

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions please visit http://www.stellartarot.com and join my email list for future readings and special offers.

God Bless,

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