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Hello and thanks for your service!

I am currently a junior in college.  Everything is going well. There's this guy that lives a room away from me in my dorm.  I know that his name is Tim, but that's it. I think that he's attractive, but I'm not expecting anything to happen between us though.
My question is: What Do the cards   Want me to know @bout this trouble know random attractions that I have towards him?

My bday is May 3,1994
I think his is October 21,1994

Hi Jordan

"The Cards," as you put it, are just pieces of paper. They don't have anything they want you to know.  Tarot cards are not an extant intelligence, but a reflection of your own.

So the key here isn't a tarot reading...it is some though, logic and maturity. Welcome to the big leagues kiddo.

Why is a problem to feel attracted to this guy? So what if all you know right now is his name? What is holding you back from introducing yourself to him and learning more about him? Are you afraid of rejection? So what if he doesn't want to talk to you? You "don't expect anything" anyway...so what have you got to lose? If he rejects you...big deal. Then you KNOW where you stand and can shake it off and move on. if you two talk and something nice comes of it - again, what's the problem?

So what if your attraction to him is "random"? Isn't all attraction that way in the beginning? Is it really so random? SOMETHING caught your eye about this guy, right? Even if you can't really put into words what it is, a feeling is enough. How is that a problem? Are you married? Is he married?

If he is and you aren't...let it go and move on to someone else. Easy. No good can come of an affair, no matter how either of you feel at the beginning.

If you are married or in a committed relationship and are attracted to someone outside that relationship, then you need to on focus on fixing THAT problem, not worrying about the attraction to Tim.

If you are single and he is single, then what's the issue?

Never mind the Tarot cards, what do YOU want you to know about this?  

That's what I mean on my profile and website when I say my readings are about empowering you...not about robbing you of your choices. Tarot cards are about helping you to understand your situation and make good choices...not about pronouncing stuff from on high. They make you do the hard emotional work...not save you from the hard choices.

Good luck with Tim and everything else!

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