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Hello gipsy, I received your message stating that you picked up my question from the pool.  As I said It's not really a medical question per se, but he's a relative and he's doing therapy, and we hope it will be successful.  It's been very stressful for the family, we wanted to know if there is any glimmer of hope.  Any reason for optimism.  This is the information you requested.
His name William (Bill)  and his birth year 1935. But was always spry and young looking for his age.  thank you for giving this your attention.

Hi Jan - so I connected to his energies, and I'm not sensing anything positive - but nothing's defined as yet, so let's not lose hope.... but I can channel Reiki to him (I'm a Reiki Master) but this doesn't mean it's me doing anything, but simply that I'm the vessel that holds the Reiki energies to pass it to William... so Reiki if anything will be able to do something at least...

If you're interested, please contact me privately on here :) and I'll let you know what to do :)

I would need an energy exchange for this, but in this case, I don't want money from him :) so if you can buy special bird seeds, and feed this to the wild birds around where Bill is situated, this will be the balance compensated.

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