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Hello gipsy thank you for responding to me.  initially You picked up my question from the pool and thought you could give me an answer. You wrote and said you didn't see anything positive and told me to contact you...I think you mentioned reiki.  You also mentioned about feeding the birds in the area  where Bill is.  I always feed the birds. my feeder is filled all the time. I know someone who does reiki, but because of circumstances  wouldn't be able to help  this specific problem thank you for your help.

For Reiki, I feel I'm just the tool for channelling. the Reiki is the powerful energy force not me; so it's not for me to decide who I give it to or not. The good thing about distant Reiki treatments is that Bill and (all other family connected and affected by the stress of seeing him in pain) can receive the Reiki at their own time.

All that is needed for you, Bill and others to receive it, is to think/ say out aloud - "I ask that healing Angels surround me, for I (insert name) accept the Reiki being channelled by Gipsy". The only conditions is that the physical body should be free of alcohol at least 48 hours, and then just hydrate the body with more water than one normally drinks. You may/may not feel a tingly sensation - but regardless of this, stay in silent meditation for at least 15 mins whilst the Reiki does the work.

And then, just trust that whatever happens, happens for the highest good of both you and all others concerned.

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