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My name is Nicole date of birth 9/22/1976. I am interested in a general reading. Thank you for your time.

Hi Nicole

Thanks for getting a reading with me. Let's get right to it. Your cards today are:

Lessons from the past: Justice
Understanding now: 3 of Swords
Next step forward: ace of Wands
Advice: 2 of Wands
Alternate Direction: 10 of swords

General Pattern: Only one major arcana card, the rest minor arcana is a clue that either things are at a 'normal' kind of place, at a place of balance, OR, if you are feeling stress now, it may be a clue that things are on the downhill, moving toward returning to normal. Your minor arcana cards are all wands (your relationship with yourself, philosophy, inner spirituality) and swords (your relationship with society, culture and authority figures). The idea of "labels" springs to mind with that wands & swords combinations...a swirl of learning about how you see yourself, how you want to be seen, and how others see you. Authenticity comes to mind too. A big lesson now is making the inner world and outer world match...it's hard, but it feels like it is time to let the world see the real you, be honest with others, and yourself, about who you really are. There is an element of learning to love and accept yourself for who you really are...once that's done, you might find other's are more accepting that you though...or feared...they might be.

Lessons from the past: Justice isn't all law-and-order, CSI kind of stuff in Tarot...it is more a symbol of wisdom and balanced reasoning. Think balanced combination between logic and intuition...using both sides of your brain to do your best thinking in other words. Also there is another balance in Justice's scales...the balance of head and heart. What is your usual style? What has worked best for you in times past? Are you too 'in your head' and need to connect with your emotions more to strike that wise balance, or are you feelings driven and impulsive and need to step back and let a cool head prevail sometimes? My hunch is that you are a thinker, and it is ok to learn to tap into your intuition and gut instincts for fuller wisdom and inner guidance.

Understanding now: This is a bump in the road...not a huge life lesson, less to do with you than the others around you. I don't know why, but my feeling is that this may have to do with work, school or something larger....NOT a close relationship...very workplace kind of feel. This card has a more caution/ reminder kind of feel than an advice kind of feel...it is a reminder that there are scheming people in the world. The reality is that office politics, rumors, scheming, selfishness...all those not-so-nice things really do exist in the world. This card mostly feels like a reminder to not walk around looking at the world through rose colored glasses. Use your head...trust your instincts. If something is too good to be true...is probably is - not true that is. Watch your back, use your head but listen to your instincts too.

Next Step Forward: Ace of Wands means creation. In this sense, I think it is related to the ideas of "the law of attraction" and manifestation. Now is a prime opportune time for you to experience these things and learn about them. Do you like to read? You might want to explore books like "Creative Visualization"...I'm not super impressed with it, it is very much a beginner book and my hunch is that you are already beyond it, but "The Secret" talks about this kind of thing. Now is the time to start thinking about what new things you want to draw into your life, and what direction you want to take things. It's never too late to manifest something new and wonderful.

Advice: The two of wands seems to underline this idea and draw emphasis to the more passive kinds of attraction, like visualization. You know the hard work element of things...you've learned the yang, outgoing, hunting, seeking, working side of life...now is time for the inner, attracting, spiritual aspects of finding what you need, attracting what you need. Think of it like using a magnet to pick up a paperclip instead of a pair of pliers. The two of wands is letting nature take its course...it is the nature of the universe that like attracts like. Magnets attract paperclips not by DOing anything in particular, but instead by just BEing what they are...they accomplish much just by letting their nature be what it is.

The alternate direction card is another direction you can take things based on your choices and actions. This card feels more cautioning than advice. The feeling here, with the 10 of swords (which means defeat) is that if you over think things, if you let yourself get caught up in worry or focus on the negative (real or potential) then THAT is what you'll learn to manifest and create. Remembering like attracts like is important! If you get caught up in pessimism or expecting the worst or focusing on past hurts...then that's what life will offer up on a platter. The good new is that if you avoid that, and focus on the good, be happy, hold images and the intent for all the highest and best, then THAT is what you'll get too. You know that old adage...be careful what you ask for...

Summary: When I just let any intuition come through, having to do with your cards or not...I see grey. Like a felt or flannel cloth. I get the feeling that means you may have a natural tendency toward a bit of a bleak mood. You might have to be very deliberate and mindful about the positive thought/manifest/attract thing. Maybe starting with "The Secret" might not be bad then move on to the Shakti Gawain book.

And there the energy steps back. Not a lot of extra information ... as if the cards said all that was needed. No sense of anything specific otherwise, just very general, slight reference to work/career...no sense of family or romance or anything.

I hope that helps! Please stop by the website for a free blog subscription and for special offers on readings and so on.

Best Wishes  

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