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My name is Anna Maria (dob 8-12-66).  My husband Chris (dob 8-4-69) has been out of work since January 2013.
My question is simple:  when will he get a job?
Simple question with multiple facets, I know.
Thank you very very much in advance for any insight you have to offer.
Anna Maria

Tarot card - Six of Wands - Chris needs to feel that within and around him there's abundant energies, he can start this magic off by counting his blessings every day no matter how small. Right now, he must be feeling hopeless, so the cards are saying it all begins with an internal change and then he will get a job. Looks like you will help him with the counting of his blessings, by heaping those praises onto him and encouraging him to do the same.

Timing wise - a wild guess - wands is weeks, so 6 weeks... start today by counting those blessings!! and he might very well have a job the start of the new year!  

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