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Dear Ellie,
"I hope you can see a positive change coming. Right now I feel like someone without any hope. In one month I will have to leave my accommodation and be on the street. I have no money though I still hope that my girlfriend from abroad will be able to help me out. So right now I feel really lost and recently had hopes that I could move home to Denmark with my girlfriend.
So what do you see will a solution come in the near future that can reinstate my hope for my future happiness.
Thank You and Merry Christmas!
Karl born 28th April 1949 in Copenhagen, Denmark""

Hi Karl,

Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

I'm truly sorry about the negative turn of events that have taken place for you.  

Hopefully my reading will help a bit.  For you I'm seeing that there is someone who you are in contact with that will help.  You said that you have no money and you are afraid that you will be on the streets, well my reading shows different than what you are thinking.  I'm being told that there is a person from a distance who you will keep in contact with (Page of Cups) and she will help provide you shelter (Emperor) and you will find some security (Ace of Pentacles).  This lady I'm being told loves you and cares for you (Star) and that you will even have a good time when you see each other, I'm seeing this will transpire even during the holidays (Four of Wands). I will pray for you.   

Merry Christmas and God bless!!!


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I have been doing tarot for 16 years and do it for friends, family and sometimes for strangers who want a reading. People say my predictions come true, but I like to think that my readings give good sound advice as opposed to inevitable predictions. I feel its more enlightening to give some interesting insight or a different perspective to your issues. My readings do not always give predictions, however, because sometimes a little advice as well as empowerment is more important to your situation than knowing the future.

This field does not require educational credentials, I am good at tarot that is all need be known.

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