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Nikki 6/22/1982

I have a bad habit of dating abusive men. Recently I left Jason 4/1/1982 and I am overwhelmed with pain and confusion.

I don't know how to word this question properly, so I apologize in advance. I guess I'm just seeking confirmation that I did make the right choice by leaving him and that there is someone out there for me.

Right now I just feel so lost, hurt, scared, and confused.

Thank you in advance for any input you can give me.

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Tarot cards: Justice, Page of Cups : These cards are amazing given your situation Nikki, tells of how you've had to put your foot down for the balance to come into your life. It took great courage of your part, to say enough is enough. Don't doubt that you haven't made the right decision, because these cards right here are agreeing with you and saying that yes there has been a parting of ways, because you Nikki are an important person, your needs are important too... because previously the relationship between you and Jason felt so one-sided, and so out of balance. So Nikki, you've had to make this important decision to cut all unhealthy attachments with Jason to respect yourself, for who you are is VERY IMPORTANT. The cards are saying, don't be lost, don't be scaed, don't be hurt... you did what you had to do. Now open your heart again, for you are worth loving. Don't close it off so that no one can get to you. Open your heart and embody the love that you seek within you, and you'll find that new opportunities for love will come to you as if by magic :) But the key point is to keep your heart open and balanced, continue loving who you are. It took great courage from your part to be you, you should be very proud of you and go out celebrating YOU :) because you girl are worth it!  

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