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Tarot Card Readings/new year resolution about my love life.


A year ago during the time of new year I had made a resolution to find a nice boyfriend for myself and share a wonderful relationship with him. Despite of being hopeful and trying sincerely I wasn't able to achieve that in 2014. However, will I be achieve this resolution in 2015? What do the cards say for me?
Female, born 18/3/89. Thanks.

Tarot cards: Three of Swords and The Tower

It's like your mind is just focused on finding happiness outside of yourself, it's like you are seeking happiness outside of yourself... this nice boyfriend/ wonderful relationship, you're searching for him like you're searching for him to make everything okay for you... but the cards are saying this is not going to happen, as long as you keep focusing on happiness outside of yourself. If you cannot love yourself, how can even a nice guy love you? It's ike with every step you take to find this 'nice boyfriend' it's like you're changing your energy vibrations to one of desperation and you're just getting distressed and depressed as the search goes on... Your self-esteem is just plummeting and you feel like you just will not be able to cope with life should you 'heaven-forbid' be alone in 2016 or 2017... You are getting more and more desperate, untrusting of the Universe's timing that it's not fitting in with your timing, your decisions. The cards appear to be saying, stop looking for love outside of yourself for there is no foundation of love within you... start by trusting in the Creator of Love and Light, and relax in your own company... look forward to dinner dates on your own in a crowded restaurant, look forward to being single and happy in love with yourself in 2018...  

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