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Hi. My name is Nicole date of birth 9/22/1976. I have a question regarding My love/personal Life. Is there anything or anyone serious that I should put My effort in to? Thank You.

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Tarot card: Queen of Cups : WOW How I love the humour and wisdom of these Tarot cards! Love yourself Nicole! Master your own emotions! Allow yourself to find the peace within your heart and soul. Focus on what truly makes you happy, really examine your life and determine what's not making you happy and what's making you happy! and change things! Seek the company of an older wiser lady to help you understand yourself better if you find you are just sinking in depressive broken-hearted energies, for there is an older lady around you whom you can turn to for you trust her especially when you cannot trust or master your own emotions. For it's only through understanding yourself better, that you can love another.  

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