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Greetings !
I have had a rather difficult 6 years and I would like to make some positive changes in my life even though my resources are very limited.
Please let me know what is the best path for me to take or the path that is suggested by the tarot cards.  
My DOB is 06/16/1959
Thanks !

Your first question rejected was "I am selling my house - when will my house be sold ? Thanks !"

and taking into consideration the second question into the mix, and drawing cards for you

As mentioned on my profile, the cards give how you are feeling on a subconscious level, so whatever decision is your personal responsibility, not the cards.

Tarot cards - 4 of Pentacles, The Lovers, Ace of Pentacles, 5 of Swords - your pride has been your downfall, the choices you have made have led you to where you are. Your shadow side is not something you have made peace with, you cannot expect to live a peaceful life if there's a part of you that grates your nerves, because this resonates to you 'rather difficult' life, the only way to make positive changes is to change your attitude by making more wiser choices.

Last card - Temperance - the key to everything is to balance the 'shitty feelings you're having within' and try to maintain a positive attitude, which leads to you to think more clearly and there by making more clearer decisions.

! remarks, are not nice in written communications...  

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