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Keishia (06/06/1992)
I would just like a general reading please.

Hello Keishia

Thanks for choosing me to do your reading :)

Your cards today are:
Lessons from the past: The Emperor
Where you are now: 4 of Wands
Next step forward: King of coins
Advice: 8 of Wands (reversed)
Alternate direction: 10 of Cups (reversed)

General Pattern: With only one major arcana card (the Emperor) and the rest minor arcana, the feeling is that on the outside, in the physical realm, things will be pretty balanced and steady. If there is any stress or change going on for you, it feels like you are over the worst, the biggest part is in the past, especially since the major arcana is in the past position.  Most of your minor arcana cards are Wands - which symbolizes your inner world, personal growth, maturing, learning...that sort of thing. Cups are often read as relationships, but another older meaning is intuition...also an inner, mental and emotional dynamics more than the outside world. My hunch is that where the energy is for you, more than any superficial dating or romance kind of issue. With the coin card, there is some minimal touch of career energy here, but mostly this is a heart and mind focus to the reading.

Lessons from the Past: There is a congratulatory feel to this card. The way I read cards, any card can have validation, advice, or cautioning sorts of meanings. In your case, it feels as if this card is reminding you of past successes in order for you to recapture that...in this case the success is self confidence, competiance and leadership. This may not be your exact situation, but here is an example: Think of someone who was student body president, or some leadership thing in school, but slipped out of that mindset once they were out of school and in the workaday world. This card is asking to look back to past times of conficence, skill, and leadership, recapture that feeling, and bring it into the present situation. Look back to old coping skills and any way of doing things that has been successful in the past, and see how those skills can help now.

Where you are now: Sometimes instead of giving its own message, a card will underline, highlight or emphasize another card. The energy here seems to be doing that. The 4 of wands is often read as "strong foundation". It connects very much to that idea of 'go back to what works, rely on your strong foundation'. Or "use what you already know works" There is a feeling of family here, too. It's ok to reconnect with people who have your back. There is a feeling of 'clan' a strong, loving family. The energy here is really cool and nice, and a wonderful thing. Very much a feeling of friends, family, or someone who is there for you, has your back, and has taught you well. There is a vague sense of "experimentation"...like you may have been tinkering with life strategies, or different philosophies. Don't let pride get in the way of pragmatism...it is ok to add old ways back in with the new. Experiments are never a failure if you learn something from them. I 'hear' "build the new on the old strong foundation". I leave that to you to see if that makes sense, if that helps or not.

Next Step forward is the King of Coins. The messege here seems crisp and simple: Trust yourself. Trust your judgement. (Again your experience, teaching and foundations will come into play). Especially if you are faced with any decisions about work or career. Trust your heart and trust your gut. Get advice - but trust yourself to know when to use advice and when to set it aside and do your own thing. Think of the image...a King decides with confidence. So should you.

Advice: The 8 of Wands reminds us of the big picture, possibilities, the whole picture...the gestalt if you are familiar with that idea. The advice here is to keep the big picture in mind as you decide things. Being in reverse doesn't change the meaning (like old fashioned readers used to do)...it just gives the card more context. Here the reversal brings a little cautioning to the advice...remember the big picture...getting too focused on minute details, and "sweating the small stuff" too much could trip you up. Big picture, big picture, big picture...that advice keeps repeating...also "getting too caught up in details will trip you up" I don't want to sound too pop-psychology about it, but be careful about being "OCD about it"

10 of cups has to do with a project wrapping up, coming to fruition, being released...the reversal here has a caution feel...but more to do with timing than outcome. Do you have some sort of big project that is in the works or coming up soon? I 'hear' "Don't give up"...it might take a lot longer than planned, but persistence can pay off in time. The word 'over-runs' comes to mind. It make take more investment, more time, but whatever project will complete with a decent outcome given enought time...more than you think it will take. Quality not quick comes to mind.

Opening up to any general impressions: That project looks grey and shaded...if you aren't too far along in it, consider if it is worth starting. Is it worth doing if it takes more time and effort than origianally thought? There is a sense of workspace, office space, table...like those long rectangular folding tables, possibly file cabenets in the space that is shaded and associated with a project or work or job of some kind.

This is weird...I've never gotten a hair style in a reading before, but the word "afro" just came through. I have no idea why - do you?

Maybe it is trying to get the idea of the 1970s out...now I get the sense of those aweful striped bellbottom pants, tank tops, platform shoes...ugh. Why on earth does the theme to "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" come to mind.  It kind of feels like it is trying to get you to think of someone in particular. Family? Someone who was like that or liked that kind of thing...lol...and now old kung fu movies comes to mind...like that old song "kung fu fighting" and Bruce Lee. This totally feels like it is trying to get you to think of someone in particular...a male, not too old. Is there a family member who passed when they were younger who is trying to get your attention? Someone connected to the 70s or liked stuff from the 70s? I'm sorry if this is totally off. It isn't making a lot sense to me either, but it is strong enough that I give it in case it means something to you.

The colors green, ivory, and a rusty red-orange come to mind, agian the vague idea of stripes. Again the idea of male, afro, someone in spirit - or a spirit guide - trying to get your attention. Again the Cosby Kids theme. Don't ask me why...haven't thougth of that show since I was like 5 or something.

And there the energy steps back. I hope this helps. I have to admit, some of it sounds 'out there' even to me, but I have to give it as I get it in case there is something in it all that you understand or is meaningful to you.

I hope something in all of this is helpful to you.

Best wishes


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