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Hi I noticed you are clear on what you will and will not answer, therefore, can I just have a general reading please - so tired of how things are going - would love to receive insight from cards.

Hi Carol!

You are the first person ever to actually mention reading the profile! Thank you! You have no idea how many people want nothing but a prediction in spite of the profile, and refuse to hear anything else. Just by being open to more general reading you are a big step ahead...well done!

Lessons from the past: Queen of Wands (self-care, nurturing, stress management)
Where you are now: 3 of Wands in reverse (foresight)
Next step forward: The Pope (conventional wisdom, social expectations, social virtue)

Advice: Page of Coins (wonder, simple pleasures)

Alternative Direction: 2 of Wands (Mystical Unity, Yin and Yang, connecting to the world)

General Pattern: One major arcana card, balanced representation of the minor arcana...there is a sense of change, but one that is just beginning, or not quite yet begun. The major arcana is forward, sense of anticipation, as if the good things are yet to come, but with reassurance that something is on its way.

Lessons from the past: The Queen of Wands is a classic card for people, women in particular, that are in nurturing professions: motherhood, teachers, nurses and the like. Sometimes it speaks to a personal style more than career...it is a card of caretakers of every stripe.  The advice with this card is almost always one of self-love. So many times people who get this card have, at some point, gotten so caught up in other people's needs, other people's expectations, being a "people pleaser" or care-taker to such an extent that they exhaust themselves. This card is always a reminder to care for yourself too. Caring for yourself isn't bad, as society often makes us think. Tending to your own physical and mental health makes you a better caretaker for others. It serves them too. You can do better by others when you are happy and healthy yourself.

Where you are now: I don't often read a reversed card as the opposite, as some old fashioned readers do, but it feels specific like that, (rather than being background context, which is how I usually read reversals). It feels like "Take your blinders off!" The feeling is one of being overwhelmed by what you expect...your mind is so in the past or future, you can't see the good things that are here. Also there is a bit of "stop and smell the roses", that would go with the last card, but mostly it is like a narrow vision...the mental image is someone trying to see the countryside through a pinhole. Stop and really look around. See things as they are. Try to deliberately list all the things that are good. What from the past are you grateful for. What now are you thankful for? How have you become disconnected? Foresight is using logic, clear-sightedness, getting the lay of the land so to speak...then using those things to plan how to best move forward. There is a strong feeling of tunnel vision here. The advice is to stop, re-evaluate, look around, re--asses and re-plan.

The phrase that comes to mind with the Pope card and your next step forward is "tend to your heart". Feeling tired about how things are hints to a lack of interest, a lack of passion. What do you love to do? How can you bring the things you are interested in and passionate about into your life. You don't have to be in ecstacy every minute...but you can sprinkle and spice your life with the things you love. With interest comes energy, appreciation, and a joy in living. Another aspect of this card is social expectations. If you always do what is expected of you, even if you aren't genuinely feeling it, that leads to depression and drudgery. Follow your heart. Do what you know is right...not what others expect of you. Do the right thing, but live your life for you too.

The advice is simple...find the wonder in life that you've lost by finding the simple pleasures. A food you particularly like, play a favorite song, call a friend, treat yourself to something small that delights you. Find the lovliness. A walk in a park or an open air market. See the snow sparkle in the sun. Anything around you. Everything around you can hold a little wonder if you look for it.

The other direction is just to take the advice, and "amp it up"...really focus on spirituality, not the physical-world problems. Consider yoga, meditation, tai chi or whatever it is that makes you FEEL connected to life, centered, grounded. What is it that connects you to a sense of the mystical or the magical? Actively seeking that, participating in that my help move things in a different inner direction for you, no matter what is happening on the outside.

And there the energy steps back

I hope this helps! Thank you for choosing me to do your reading. Best wishes to you!


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