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QUESTION: Hi, in 2011 I've engaged a private tutor for my son whom I've fallen completely hopelessly in love with. We never went out & he has no clue how I'm feeling for him but the chemistry between us is real. Last lesson was in Oct 2011. I've not met him & we've never spoken since then. What baffles me is I've never forgotten him & miss him deeply every single day. What's more, he's 17 years younger than me & we are of a different race. Trust me I'm not nuts & I've never felt this way before. Btw, I'm a separated woman & I've my own life going my way. Question is :- Does he feel the same way & most of all does he miss or think of me? Appreciate your answer thank you.


May I have your DOB please?


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QUESTION: My dob is 02/12/1973. Appreciate for your quick reply.


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

The first card is how you feel right now.  You received the Three of Swords. That card stands for heartache and disappointment.  This is showing how you miss him and wish for things to be better.

For him I got the Tower, meaning what he's dealing with shows he seems to think it's over (I mean as in he likely thinks he won't see you again).  I feel it did bother him though that you and he did not get to connect again.  You see, the Tower is more of a painful card, so he must have had some type of emotion for you if it made him feel this way, shocked and disturbed.

Your outcomes is the Five of Wands, it is saying that it looks uncertain you will see each other, but it seems pretty clear how he felt about you.  You felt bad, he felt bad, so that means you both truly did have some type of strong connection which may have never been established. Also, the Five of Wands has a lot to do with frustrations or obstacles that you will have to ever see each other, that is why I say it is uncertain, meaning if you ever would entertain the thought to see him, it would be hard for some reason.

But overall, the message is, he did have feelings for you and that he was hurt about this.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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QUESTION: Hi Ellie, pertaining to your last sentence, why was he hurt exactly? Is it because him thinking things could be impossible between us or just the fact we could never meet again? I miss him so Ellie. Does he know that?




Well, honestly, I can't tell with the cards what his pain was about exactly.  But it's definitely centered around disappointment where things could not work out between you both.  I feel it is related to things not being able to move forward.  

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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