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Hi Ellie, Long time customer here you do great work and have always been extremely accurate. I would recommend your paid services to anyone, you're the real deal.

I just noticed you were still on here and I hope you don't mind me asking a question here but I only have a quick question about a career option that was recently introduced to me and wanted the tarot cards yay or nay reading.

The career option is Web development, I have to admit it does not intriguing.  My DOB is 12/03/1969.  Again thank you in advance for your help and I recommend anyone reading this to use your paid services as they are much more in depth and completely worth the small fee.  Thank you.


Thank you for your question, sorry for the delay and thank you so much for the kind words.  Here is your answer:

What I got for your past was the Two of Swords, so not much progress here yet.  It is showing a woman with a blindfold around her eyes, so it seems to mean the 'metaphor' here is you were not able to see clearly what would be good for you, or you did not have the clarity yet to get on the path best for you.

For your current situation (meaning what you are dealing with) I pulled Strength.  This is saying that you have been very patient with finding what is right for you and that you do have a lot of willpower to get yourself through anything.  This is also a time in your life where you feel as if your will is being tested, and I almost get a feeling like things have been turning up for you or they have to a degree already and the Strength card is shown as a sign of the progress you have made due to your strength, no matter how small you may see it as.

For your outcome on how things will turn out I got the Three of Wands.  What this means is that you will do very well.  The first impression that came to mind when I saw this card is expanding.  I feel doing something in web development will allow for you to expand to something greater down the line, but only if you commit to it and really focus like the woman in the Strength card.  I feel you will go through some ups and downs like with any job, but you will definitely find yourself being able to move and to leave your current area of residence to move on in many levels ie physically, emotionally, career wise.  I also feel this card is saying that a job in web development will lead to plenty of advancement or for you to be swept up in something completely new (but something good that you didn't expect).  

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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