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Hello my name is Tania and my date of birth is September 6th 1971. I was recently divorced after 20 years of marriage and I'm trying to decide upon a new career path. What skills do I have that I can best utilize in order to have a successful career? Are any opportunities coming my way in the near future that I should take advantage of? I would greatly appreciate any insights you can offer. Thank you!


Thank you for your question, sorry about the wait, here is your answer:

I got a pop-up card which was the Hermit and that means you need to do some soul searching.  This is the type of soul searching where you need to be alone and you need to take a long break to think about what you want. So this means not forcing yourself to pick or choose anything just yet or so quickly.  Take your time and find out what you know you can do and don't want to do.

I am seeing that your past showed some burden.  I'm wondering if it may have had something to do with your marriage ending or the quality of the marriage, maybe you took on a lot of guilt or responsibility.  I usually think of this as the 'overworked and underpaid' card.  But anyhow, it showed up as a quality of your past.

For what you should do or think of for a new career path, honestly, it is not saying for me to decide.  You got the Four of Swords indicating what you need to do and what this means is you do have an idea of what you want to do deep down, but you have to find what it is.  The answer is within you.  I am seeing that you will have to take a break and listen to the voice inside of you to find out what your chosen path is.  I find it interesting that this card came up for your spread as well as the Hermit.  Both are more 'quiet' cards which point to 'looking within'.  So taking a break to rest and think about what you want is critical for your long term success and happiness.  I really do feel that you have a calling.  On an intuitive level I was feeling you would do good in something that would help people with getting their life back together, perhaps a therapist, nurse or counselor of some sort.  I feel something where you have a quality that can help people and you would do good in helping others getting their life in order, but I mean more in the healing sense, sort of like helping people after experiencing trauma or a crisis (even emotional).

For your future (meaning what opportunities lying ahead) I see many for you! I am seeing you will do really well on your own actually.  I got the Six of Wands which is the card that literally means acclaim! So this means a opportunity will definitely arise and it is worthy of pride and a feeling of accomplishment, it doesn't say what it is exactly, but I definitely see this as a 'loud' opportunity which leaves little room for any other interpretation.  The only other thing the Six of Wands can indicate is pride and self-respect, but this card is meant to represent the opportunity coming ahead, and so there will be plenty.

I hope this helps.  

God Bless,

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