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QUESTION: Hello Edson, hope you are well-:)
My name is Rachel, female, my DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM,
Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied fashion design here in my homeland, Israel about 2.5 years ago and ever since had several attemps to establish myself as a fashion designer but nothing seemed to be really working and getting off the ground.
Not long ago i have taken part in a young fashion designers showcase in London and consequently, i've made a lot of significant contacts with people from the local industry and have recieved very positive&encouraging reviews for my designs,
however i'm still dwelling with myself these days how to move forward in order to make money out of the thing i love the most doing in my life!!
I wanted to ask you what do you predict will happen next with my dream of establishing myself as a fashion designer?
Do you see any upcoming opportunities?
Thank you for your help,

ANSWER: Dear Rachel,

The energy you have put forward in desire, intention and actual effort have placed opportunities within your grasp. The lull you feel is natural, but giving in to it beyond the moment will not serve you. First, you must reach beyond the borders of your current location, travel will be required, but more essentially, it is imperative that you expand your perspective to a more global level. This is well within your ability to do. Seizing opportunities abroad does not mean abandoning your homeland, but rather delivering its richness as a unique gift to others. As you emerge from this momentary stagnation, your efforts will quickly manifest an opportunity to support yourself comfortably in this vocation.

Take care, however, as this move will bring you within the grasp of one who covets your talents, and wishes to make them servile to his own. He will be a key figure in your blossoming career, and will court your allegiance with the promise of success similar to his. This wolf will bear his teeth over time, and though you will feast handsomely upon initial benefits of your association, it will forestall opportunities to further advance.

Stepping out from his circle will be daunting, and you will have to make a difficult career decision. Once made, there will be ill affects of professionally seceding from him, but they will be swift and final. Your career will continue from that point, unencumbered and under your mastery alone.

Strength and Courage,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear edson, thank you very much for your reply! If I understood you correctly I need to move outside of my homeland in order to succeed in fashion? It is something I have thought about and have considered but I'm waiting for a job offer to come first, I don't want to move outside my country with nothing as its very difficult and scary as well. Do you see me getting any job offer soon or do you think I should just move outside my homeland like that? Thank you so much again for your help

Dear Rachel,

This will not be merely a job offer, but an opening of a whole new world for you. It will precede, and make possible, your move. It is imperative that you expand your perspective as I mentioned before, as this is the how the opportunity will unveil itself.

Please be aware, there is a serpent waiting in the garden that you are to enter, and this move will not be your last.

In Celebration of Your Promise and Possibilities,


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