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My DOB May 20 81 + hubby july 19 77
We were accepted on a second home .. we had things approved up until the end** Now we got a call saying no.. but since this was a new person they messed up on some important info with our financing.. a big different now we are waiting again and hoping..
this house is perfect do you see us getting approved..
We have been waiting for a week now to hear.. and to hear how bad she messed up has left us confused and lost


Thank you for your question, sorry for the late reply, here is your answer:

I am seeing for the current situation the Two of Pentacles which I feel is indicating that up and down event where you thought you have been approved and then you heard them say no.  

I am seeing how right now you are feeling a little stressed or worried perhaps on what to expect here by me seeing the Ten of Wands.

I am also seeing for the near future the Five of Pentacles which normally indicates a rejection heading your way.  You said that the person was new and messed up on some important information...so I feel that this status of hearing no will be temporary because I feel that is what you will be hearing first.

I feel things will be more stable for you both and I see this will get straightened out.  I feel it will work out and you have a shot at getting the place. The presence of the Ace of Pentacles shows things will work out to your advantage.

I hope this helps.

God bless,

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