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Hello Donna, thanks for your service!

My name is Jordan and I was born on May 3, 1994. The person involved is named John and he was born on June 19, 1994.

John and I used to be friends until we had a falling out due to mis-communication and misunderstanding. He accused me of something that I had never done and he hurt me. I feel like he was not being open and honest with me. Towards the downfall of our friendship, he started acting weird around me. He stopped talking to me and we would act nervous and awkward around me while staring at me as well. I never knew what was going on, all I knew is that he was acting bizarre. He pushed me away and basically wanted nothing to do with me, which I was/still kind of am confused by.

We have classes together now, and I would like to know: why John stares at me in the classes that we have now?

Hello Jordan,
Thank you for allowing me to read for you.  I have drawn 3 cards for you: 7 of wands reversed, the King of Cups, and the 2 of wands reversed.

The 7 of wands reversed suggests that you are trying to avoid conflict with John, and as a result, you are backing down too easily. As soon as someone challenges you or opposes you, instead of standing up for yourself, you compromise or give in.

The King of Cups encourages you to be considerate in your dealings with others. You may need to understand why strong feelings have surfaced and how to best cope with them. It is important that you do not repress emotions but instead explore them with an open heart and an open mind.

2 of wands reversed - You may also be afraid to step out into unknown territories, despite the huge growth potential, instead preferring to stay with what is familiar to you.

In summary, you say that you and John were friends, why not just ask him what is going on and why he is treating you that way.  Do not be afraid to step up and ask, even if it means facing an unpleasant conversation with John.  Approach the situation with an open heart and mind.  Your intention is getting to the bottom of the problem, therefore you will know how to move forward or away from him.

Hope that helps,

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