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Hello and thanks for your service!

I(5/03/1994) am currently healing from a minor set back with an ex-acquaintance of mine named John(6/19/1994. Last semester, John had accused me of something that I had not done. He thought that I was harassing him through social networks. The only reason that he thought it was me was because he had stopped getting back to my text messages and he thought that I was going through great lengths to talk to him, which I wasn't.

He reported me to our school's Dean of Students and she talked to me about it(believed what I told her) and told me that he told her that he wanted no further contact with me. Flash forward to this semester, we have two classes together. During the beginning of this semester, I thought that I could handle us being in the same class, but I really wasn't. I went to talk to the school counselor and they suggested that I write a letter to John stating what I didn't do and tell him how I feel about things since things weren't/still aren't really resolved. I gave my letter to the counselor and they gave it to the Dean(since we could have no contact). The Dean met with John and John had read it and understood where I come from.

I still have a lingering attraction to John and in my gut, I feel that he might too.  Last semester he started acting very bizarre around me. He just stopped talking to me but would act nervous around me or stare a lot(he still stares at me). After all we've been through, I can't believe that I am still feeling this way about him. My questions are: Why do I care about John so much and did we know of each other in a past life?

Hi Jordon

What a saga...you've been through a drama and half with John.

Right off I got the impression that no, this isn't a past life thing, but more of a life-lesson thing. This has been learning the hard way about honesty, and how important good, real communication is in any relationship - which is only made a hundred times harder when social media plays a big part in things. Be careful there. The best way to maintain privacy and dignity is to keep private stuff off the 'net entirely. It is an old school way of looking at it, but whatever you put online is like literaly taping it to the front door of the cafeteria, pure public domain. Give some good logical thought to what you post and what you read.

Also, work with the counselors. They are pros, they see this kind of thing...alot. They work with people at your age and stage of life, a lot. Unless you are at some wonky idealistic partisan school like Oral Roberts University or something, they are probably worth listening to. Stick with professional advice, especially if your gut tells you they are on the right track. They know you and him and the situation, they have real training and real experience and are going to serve your needs a whole lot better than Tarot cards on the internet. Tarot gives you ideas to work with...but sometimes a healthy dose of logic is needed just as much.

A one card, focused meditation reading is usually best in these situations...cut to the chase, no nonsense - the last thing you need is more drama, right?

The card that came up is the major arcana "Judgement". One meaning for it is "consequences and renewal" (Diane Morgan)

In your case it is more of an emphasis on the renewal part than the consequences part. There is a strong feeling of "what's done is done, move on". You've dealt with the consequences of this turbulent relationship and complicated ending of it. Now is the time to draw in the renewal half...let go, move on to something better. Take what you have learned here, and use it to find/attract a better more rewarding (and let's face it - just healthier, more functional) relationship into your life. Enough is enough. If you care for John, move on so he can too. If you are meant to be, opportunity will come around again ON ITS OWN in the future - but it will only suffocate things, and keep you keep putting energy toward it now. Don't stay trapped in the "consequences" phase. Release and move on is the key message of this card.

Good Luck!


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