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QUESTION: I am a 25 year old girl from India. What is going on with my love life? I am single and some-what feeling emotionally unfulfilled. Is it possible for me to fall in love without losing myself in the process. I want to fall in love but I am scared about making wrong decisions.

ANSWER: Let me know your first name and I will answer this question for you :)

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QUESTION: Thanks gipsy! My first name is Anondita :)

Nine of Swords, Queen of Cups, Four of Wands

Your thoughts are filled with negative stressful energies which is blocking the flow of natural love towards you. Reflect within yourself to identify the root cause of where this pain is coming from, and ask yourself why you aren't loving yourself. Force yourself to face up to what's happening, panic a little bit about the wrong decisions, but if you judge yourself with every little move then your mind is simply not aligned with your heart. If you want love, you have to allow your heart and mind to be in sync with each other. Find peace within yourself Anondita and you will find peace around you. Take baby steps in your journey to love, start first by loving yourself, go to dinner alone - see how you feel about those decisions. And before you know it you would have crossed mountains and be happily settled down in marriage :)

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