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Hi Cherie! I apologize about not having all of the information you requested. I included it this time and thank you again for your time, and thank you for offering a free question. My name is Alyson, DOB (03/26/1972),42, Aries, Alabama USA. Can you give me any insight on my whether or not I will be in a relationship soon or when (if at all)? Please and thank you.

Thank you so much for letting me read for you.  I drew some cards and in about fall of 2015 you will meet the person you are intended for. He will be a business man of some sort or be involved in a successful business project. (King of coins)

I drew The Wheel-Some pitfalls or obstacles you need to be aware of is your need for control. Relax and let someone take care of it once in awhile and try not to stress as easily.

I drew the princess of wands which essentially tells me that you may have a message coming soon and that you upset easily.

Hope I helped


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I answer questions that tell time, I can tell you when certain events may happen if you remain on the current path. I can answer questions about love, money, success and relationships and even give advice on what to look out for and how/when you should wait or progress along with advice on obstacles to watch out for. I do NOT do readings in deceased people, legal questions, medical questions, or pregnancy questions. Please include a name, zodiac sign and country/state, and an age and sex


I have been reading cards for a decade. Online I have read for several sites including aeclectic.com, allexperts.com (made a top reader several times) I have read over the phone professionally and personally a few clients were other professional tarot readers. I have read for plenty of random and family and friends for years. Worked in a tarot shop when I was 16 and I currently have a job on keen.com as a tarot and Oracle reader.

Keen.com Aeclectic.com facebook.com I have read on all these sites at one time or another with really good reviews In the past I was a top reader on this site as well and a few times I was a top reader for my division

I post a daily blog on keen.com

I have been mentored personally by one of keen.coms oldest and most respected tarot readers to date (14 year veteran). Also through online classes and life experiences I have learned these cards and can read them with the best of them from personal talent and intuition as well. But most importantly this is a skill encouraged and instilled by my grandmother who helped and started me down my path to cards. I have also taught others to read them as well. Including my children and some of my younger cousins.

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Allexperts.com in the past has ranked me as a top reader for my division and I had amazing reviews as well on here. I made a top reader several times and was almost always a top ten reader as well

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I had clients on Aeclectic.com Allexperts.com And am taking clients on keen.com I will not mention. Names due to my readings being confidential unless my client posts or does otherwise.

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