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Nikki, 6/22/1982
Just looking to see what this year will be bringing be.
I'm coming out of a very rough breakup and I have a lot of change on the horizon, so I was curious what the cards had to say.  Pretty general (:

Thank you in advance

Seven of Swords, Three of Wands, Seven of Pentacles

You've had too much drama through not being able to trust, so ask yourself how open you are to trusting now, and if you find blocks, seek to work on yourself right now, instead of waiting at the horizon for change to appear magically. Remember life is like going to a school, if you flunk the class, you'll just repeat it again. You certainly don't want your same past coming to you now at this horizon, so learn your lesson whilst you can... otherwise you'll just be unhappy in the future because things won't be as picture perfect as you have imagined.  

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