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Hi Cherie,

My name is Dipti, FEMALE and my date of birth is 30th April 1979, Taurian. State- Rajasthan, Country- India and the person I am including is Rishi, Male his dob is 28th July 1977, Leo. State- Uttar Pradesh, Country- India. We just broke off after 6 years of strong relationship and engagement. He is now seeing another woman, I am not sure if its a rebound relationship or real love.

Do you see us coming together again and getting married, I love him a lot. If yes by when.
Your help will be really appreciated.
Thanks, God Bless.


Thank you for writing and for your patience in waiting for my answers.  Due to an over whelming response I only accept one question to read for and I hope you understand. I chose to see if you will be together with Rishi again. I also am including my professional website link for more detailed readings. Here is what I drew.

You have a lot of cards in the suit of Air. This means that there is some chaos or conflict in your personal situation.

Your dominant number is 10 which indicates the ending of a cycle in your life.

The cards seem to be saying that you will get your Rishi back on your current path but that you won't be happy together. The cards are saying that this isn't your intended person.

2Air-Current Situation- There will soon be an uneasy reconciliation between 2 people with unresolved issues. It also says that one or both of you are having a hard time making a decision. That you are either unwilling or unable to do so.

3Fire-Obstacles- You must have patience.  And you must try to keep your long term goals in mind. This card suggests a difficulty in commuting to your long term plans or goals.

5Air-Outcome- on your current path if you pursue this man there will be fighting again and possibly humiliation or gossip against you. There will be a breakdown in your communication to the other and possibly also manipulation in your circumstances.

I hope I helped and good luck

For a more clear reading I am including my professional link as well.


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