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Hi Ellie, I have been unemployed for about a year now and it's getting a little depressing. My company closed last April after my having worked there for 12 years. I honestly never thought it would take tho long to get a job but, well, here I am. Do you see things turning around for me? If so, when? This is getting depressing. Thanks so much in advance. (DOB 5/4/1969)


Thank you for your question.  Sorry for taking so long to respond.  Here is your answer:

What I am seeing is right now you are feeling a little hopeless as I am seeing the Devil card to represent how you are feeling and what you are going through.  

I am seeing that deep down you still believe in yourself and have the confidence to get through this because I am seeing the presence of the Queen of Wands.

Your past is showing the Hermit so you either took some time in the past to do some research or you kept to yourself, maybe being unemployed made you feel despondent.

Your conscious mind shows the Ten of Swords which says to me that you seem to be expecting the worst or you think that something bad is going to happen.

I am seeing for your near future the Hierophant which focuses mainly on groups or organizations.  I feel what this is saying is you may want to go to any type of shops for employment or programs which help in that area.  

You have been very patient about the whole thing as I am seeing Strength to indicate your attitude.

You also have been worried quite a bit and get worked up over things as I am seeing the Nine of Swords.

I am seeing for your outcome the Six of Swords which means that you will be getting back on that horse and so therefore I do see a job, but I feel initially you will feel maybe a bit drained when you start working again.  

But then later I see you being very happy and feeling like you accomplished a lot with your life.  So whatever it is that will come to you must be great if I see you this happy to have the Six of Wands present.  You look to get a job for sure.

I am getting a seven for the timing so it may be in about seven weeks you get a job or around the month of seven indicating July.  

I hope this helps.

God bless,

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