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Hello! :) my name is Victoria (7.4.84) and my question is about love and friendship I guess!?! Lol. I've known my friend Hector (12.12.83) for over ten years. I think there's something between us but neither of us acts on these feelings? Are these "more than friends" feeling really there? We just reconnected again. So will we become more than friends this year?thanks so much for your time and help! (:


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

Basically your reading shows for your situation the Nine of Pentacles.  I feel what this is saying is you are technically exercising self-control when you are around Hector.  It is also indicating your single status right now.  The Queen of Wands as the reinforcing factor is adding that you should behave confidently and act assured of yourself when around Hector.

The deeper influence I am seeing is the Four of Pentacles, which tells me that there is some type of insecurity you may be feeling around Hector OR there has been a 'block' of some type that is preventing you two from getting together this whole time.  

The past is the Emperor which I feel is reinforcing the Nine of Pentacles where you have just acted in control around him in the past.  

The conscious influence or goal that you have in mind is Justice.  This means you just want to get what you deserve and I also feel this is indicating that you are stuck with making a decision about something in your life, it doesn't say that this decision is, just that you are focused on making one now.

The near future is the King of Cups, and what that means is you and Hector are going to get closer in the near future.  Probably during July I feel will you two get closer and have a deeper connection.

The outcome you got is the Four of Wands and what this means is you and Hector will have something exciting coming up this year.  I feel you very well may be together this year since I see you feeling jubilant.  

I hope this helps.  If you have anymore questions or you would like to purchase another email reading please visit my website at http://stellartarot.com where you can also find me on Keen and get the first 3 mins free!

God bless,

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