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Hello my name is Racqueal born 9/28/1993 and my friend Kareem born 7/29/1988. Kareem and I became penpals in early 2012, and developed a great friendship, video chatted everyday. then we had stopped talking for a few months, and in early 2013 began speaking again, but only for a week or so. I found out he moved to the US, and was living in my state going to school. We had then lost touch again and hadn't spoken since then. My number had changed, and I wasn't on skype anymore. Recently I had began thinking about him constantly. I was online (skype) the night before last night, I was waiting online for someone but wasn't sure why. Then I walked into my room and he was video calling me. He talked about how he missed me, and how he had no way of being in touch with me. I told him I missed him too, I became happy suddenly, maybe because I care for him. Now I cannot stop thinking about him, I feel foolish, that maybe he doesn't feel anything for me. Anyway, can you give me a reading for insight on our relationship/friendship? I am afraid that there is nothing there and all of this is a coincidence, but I just don't feel like it is.

The Moon, Knight of Pentacles

There's something that draws you towards Kareem, and that's the mystery of not knowing anything really and the fact he'll always be there for you 'online'. Life is just normal for you, so you're bored, which is why you 'weren't sure why you were waiting for someone online

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