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Hi! My full name is already listed in the first
name section. My birthday is on April 12,
1970.  I'm unemployed to my previous job since this month(May 2014). My question is, will i find a job soon
and if yes, when and what job will i
find soon? Pls describe. Thank you.

Hi Pio,

Thank you for your question and sorry for the long wait.  Here is your answer:

I'm seeing here that as far as timing goes for getting a job, it should be this month (June).  I actually got a time that falls within the Gemini time frame because I got the Knight of Swords and he's associated with the astrological sign of Gemini.  If you have been looking and applying for a job, then you should not have a problem finding one soon.

I got the Two of Cups to describe the quality of your job.  I feel what your job may include would be talking to someone one on one a lot because the Two of Cups indicates a partnership.  You may also find a job that requires you to work a lot with one other person...I am also seeing the Seven of Cups also and that card represents something which may have to do with indulgence...so I feel the cards are trying to tell me that your next job might be in an environment where people might indulge themselves in some way.  First thing that came to mind is something that has to do with the entertainment industry.  I don't feel though that this job will be a permanent one...I feel it may be something you will do just long enough to get you by until you get a better job.

I hope this helps.

God bless,

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