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Your First Name:prerna
Sex: female
Birthdate: 23.09.1987
zodiac sign: libra
State/country: delhi, India
I am a 26 year old, dob is 23.09.1987
I wanted to know about my love life, I was in love with 06.02.86, we broke up two years ago. I got engaged but called it off cuz I wasnt in love with the other person and he ill treated me. who am I meant to be with and when will i find him? any description?
I am a fair, dark brown eyes fair girl with shoulder length hair.

The person you are intended to be with will see you as a lover between the 7th and 14th of October.

Thank you so much for your patience in waiting and here are the cards I drew for you


Queen of Fire

Ace of Fire.

The suit of fire indicates weeks. So many fire cards indicates you have a lot on your mind and are distracted lately. It might be best to start paying more attention to people around you.

I hope I helped,

due to a high amount of requests I have to volunteer one question per sitter. I'm sorry but multiple readings isn't possible with the demand of time on my hands. I did include my professional link as well for you.


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I answer questions that tell time, I can tell you when certain events may happen if you remain on the current path. I can answer questions about love, money, success and relationships and even give advice on what to look out for and how/when you should wait or progress along with advice on obstacles to watch out for. I do NOT do readings in deceased people, legal questions, medical questions, or pregnancy questions. Please include a name, zodiac sign and country/state, and an age and sex


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I have been mentored personally by one of keen.coms oldest and most respected tarot readers to date (14 year veteran). Also through online classes and life experiences I have learned these cards and can read them with the best of them from personal talent and intuition as well. But most importantly this is a skill encouraged and instilled by my grandmother who helped and started me down my path to cards. I have also taught others to read them as well. Including my children and some of my younger cousins.

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