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I(Jordan) would like to know what the cards say about how John thinks of me?

Him:  June 19, 1994 Gemini
Me:  May 3,1994 Taurus

Hi Jordan

How nice to hear from you.

I am getting a strange kind of feeling here (and I did say in my instructions, if I felt something doesn't feel right about this, I would let you know).  And the reason I say there is a strange kind of feeling is because you are both writing into all experts about each other repeatedly.   Now, thats IF you are "both" writing in about each other, and not just one of you "pretending" to be the other person. You can see for yourself, by looking through the other psychics threads. You have been given answers, but you don't seem to be listening to any advice given to you, so I am not sure why you would request yet another reading off me this month.

My opinion? Seeing as you asked me  Stop obsessing about John. You're overwhelming yourself - and probably him. As much as a hate to say this, you are spiritually harassing him - and this is not natural Jordan.
Best regards.

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