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what can I do to encourage us to grow closer?   Any insight that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. My birthday is 09/09/1987 and my sign is Virgo.  His name is John Troya and his date of birth is 09/24/1963 and his sign is Libra.  We met a little over 2 years ago. There was chemistry, mutual attraction. The timing couldn't have been worse. Him and I were both married at the time. Sadly, we are both going through a separation with our spouses. Him and I were friends. He just never allowed me to get close to him, he never would open up. It's like he has a phobia. Everytime I get closer to him, his pulls away and distance himself, but he always manages to come back. I really care about him, and want him to trust me enough to open up to me. I can definitely feel the affection he has for me and I think it could possibly be more if he would allow someone to ever get close to him. It's like he has built a fortress around himself to push away any emotional relationships. To avoid dealing with the depth of his emotional problems he buries himself in work. I know he's been hurt in the past, who hasn't.  I have been that anchor of support, motivation. I have been nothing but honest and a genuine friend. Now, I honestly believe that he may not want another commitment in his life at the moment. His wife his filed for a divorce. I'm not looking for him to jump into a long term relationship with me. I just want us to build a friendship, get to know one another. I have opened up to him, but see john doesn't express his emotions so I don't know how he feels about me opening up and trusting him.

Hi Shemethia

Thank you for getting in touch me with. I answered this a while back.  You've kind of repeated back everything that I already said my lovely. Jump to the end and you will see my additional answer to this

ANSWER: Hi Shamethia

Thank you for sharing your energies with me.  Also thank you for including the pictures of you and John.

Wow Shamethia, I have got some pretty intense cards here, particularly when looking at someones love life!
You have asked for some insight and what makes John tick.

John is undergoing some huge emotional changes right now. You do not say if you are dating him or just friends, and the cards indicate an intense relationship - perhaps a friends with benefits scenario. If this is not you, he may be involved with someone which lacks emotional depth, but there is an affection (if this is you, think about this).  I don't think John is after commitment in his life at the moment, he seems quite focused on his work and he uses this to shut out the depth to his emotional problems. I think it would be wise not to push him for answers or to force your love upon him - he will open up to you when he is good and ready and now just isn't the right time for him.  I hope this has given you the insight you were looking for,

> I do get this overwhelming feeling that you will always be there for him. Yes, you want love, yes, you have a lot of love to offer BUT you also like to receive love and feel cared for. However, sadly, John is in this cycle of coming and going and making you feel rejected or shut out by him in the process.  Your intuition should be sharper than usual right now - what is it  telling you? But, for now, you are not on the same page as each other.  You see, I see a guy, who will keep popping back when he feels like it, but I also see someone who is so into himself to even realise at what is being offered here. There are many possibilities around him also.  And the moment he senses you want something more, he is likely to disappear again. And because there are 'Major Arcana' here, you may have to roll with it. This means that you can't encourage him to become closer, if he doesn't want to. To wish, encourage or change an unwanted reality onto someone, no matter how much you care for them is to wish it to yourself.  You might have to be prepared to let go of your desires, and let him be happy on his terms. Difficult, I know. I hope this has been helpful. Blessings to you,

Chrissy x

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