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Hi,I recently left Jamaica(where I'm studying) to Trinidad(my nationality) and I was dating a guy by the name of Kayrie (20/03/1987) Before I left Jamaica we were on good terms, however when I reached Trinidad for vacation, he is not responding to my messages or calls.Could u tell me what is the reason for this? Thanking u in advance.

All these 4 cards jumped out - I normally just pull out 3...
Nine of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Eight of Cups. Three of Swords

He is feeling defensive now that you have left, insecurities have crept up because you are not there and he's built a wall around him, and closing off his heart. He feels that you leaving, is like you walking away with his heart... so heart-broken due to the distance.

I'm making an exception to dive in further, because I love the Jamaican accent! :)
Using Lenormand cards - Path, Clover, House - this tells you that because you aren't physically there anymore, he finds himself (so suddenly) facing something new, which he didn't expect... and he just wants to die - be left alone etc.

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