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Hi Christina,

Thank u for offering the free reading. My name is Dipti, DOB-30th April 1979 and I am a Taurian. My question involves my ex- Rishi, his dob-28th July 1977.
We were engaged but we broke off this year in January. We did meet again in March (as our's was a long distance relationship) but nothing progressed. He is now dating another woman.
Do you see a reconciliation happening between us, I mean do you see us getting married.

Thank you, your help will be really appreciated as I am totally heartbroken and I still love him a lot.
God bless!

Hi Dipt

Your question:  I mean do you see us getting married.

I don't think you are going to like my answer:  the Two of Wands shows two decisions in the making. First, staying as you are (single) will open new opportunities for you, and two, reuniting with your ex will bring back old comforts.

You broke up for a reason and this card may be asking to you to think carefully about any reuniting with him. . Sometimes this card can indicate that you need to alter the 'course' that you are currently on so that you are open to other opportunities because I kind of get the "do I stay and wait or do I allow new opportunities in…." but there are no restrictions to your situation ….

I feel with the Nine of Pentacles, Rishi is in a good place right now - he's independent and feeling great about himself and the way things are. I think if you asked him, he would be pretty upfront with you.

Dipti, to summarise, sorry, no, I don't see marriage with these cards.  Think really carefully before putting your life on hold.

God Bless


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