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My name is Michele (6/15/65)Gemini and I am asking about a guy that used to be my counselor Rich (9/25/77) Libra . We had a strong connection online because I was going to an Online College. We stayed in touch for about 2 years and then he changed jobs and went through a divorce. He recently reached out to me on Linkedin to invite me to be one of his contacts.( this past November) Will I ever hear from him again? I dreamt that he called me from his office and we were talking on the phone. Thanks, I really liked this guy. God bless.

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Subject: Relationships
Q : Will I hear from him again?

I feel Rich's intentions may be true, but I feel he has reached a stage of his life where he has moved on from his past troubled relationship, and has entered a new positive direction. But, I also feel that there is another woman in the picture, and he has got back into the dating game.  My feeling is, he is not yours to take right now (even if you are looking for romance with him - think about it) and this may be one of the reasons that communication has been slow.

And if you don't hear from him, you have evidence that its time for you to move on, but I do feel it is unlikely he is going to pick up the phone soon.

You need to look deep within yourself, find out what kind of love you yourself want, and then, go looking for that.

christina x

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