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Hi, my name is Rishi and dob-28th July 1977. Her name is Dipti and dob 30th april 1979. We broke off few months back and I am seeing someone else now but not sure about her. Do you see Me and Dipti coming back together?

Hi Rishi

I don't think you are going to like my answer.
The first thing I sense is a 'weirdness' in this reading request.  
And I say this because Rishi and Dipti are either the SAME person and "both" seem to be asking questions around the same time, and swapping names around to gain free readings,  or you are both writing in about each other. If this is the case then you can find Diptis answers visually on all experts.com.   In fact,  I see the same pattern of reading requests also with other AllExperts Psychics and Tarot readers. Its very easy to find visually,  I do not usually like to look at other readings or history  BUT like I said there is something "weird" a vibe and so usually this vibe for me is a symbol of trickery or test of sorts

Now, if both of you are really writing in - the question is why are you communicating here, and not with each other? Now, perhaps you don't communicate with the other because you know very well what their answer will be to you. And I am sorry to tell you that.  

But lets have a look at what this reading has to say.

Well, I have some advise for you, Rishi or Dipti or to who ever you may be.

Not all relationships are meant to last forever, some just exist to teach us something.

Rishi  -the Universe decided that you was on the wrong path with Dipti, your vibration was not aligned to her, which is why you broke things off and got involved with someone else. I don't pick up that you are 'not sure about her' this being your current girlfriend, but I suspect someone wants you feel "unsure"  and sadly to alter how you feel.  And I think this is where the 'weirdness' comes in and negative thoughts being sent out to you.  But don't worry, little birds go home to roost (ref LOA).

Which leads me to say, Dipti or Rishi   :-

The reality of others is NOT your domain, and by wishing an 'unwanted reality' for someone else, you WILL actually be wishing it to yourself.   And, if that 'thought' was to be a negative thought,  you shall reap the negativity that you sow. And the Universe will end up making you want that person more, but not actually delivering, if you 'want' them Ö you will keep wanting, do you get my drift?

Let me give you a further example.  If you wish for a couple to break up, you wish that for yourself, and you push yourself further out of the equation.  Think about it. Its called Law of Attraction (LOA).

Closing advise:-

Only YOU have the ability to make yourself feel better. You control your thoughts and emotions, and they are not dependant on anyone else to make you feel happy. Don't take what isn't yours.

I am sorry if this sounds blunt and I doubt very much you are going to like my answer, but there are only so many times you can look at a closed door.

I also believe that you have to be prepared to let the other person go, after all, if you truly love them, and I mean really love them (and not just hate being alone), youíre biggest desire must be that your true love finds happiness on their terms, not yours. Itís time to stop your infatuation with this person, itís time to become infatuated with yourself.  You really have so much to think about.

One last word. If you are the same person writing, my instructions are clear in my profile. One question/reading per person.  

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