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I am Lalee. Thankyou for your precious time to do a reading for me. I am really worried about my work. My situation is something like this. I got a job at a very good company 2 years ago. There were a dozen other people who had joined with me. Somehow i got placed in a department where i got no work for the last one and a half years. My boss just doesnt seem to care that i hv got no work. Others who had joined with me are already shining at their work with awards and all. And here i am stuck in the wrong department, under a wrong boss. I just try to keep myself busy at work...but it just seems futile. So even if I want I am not able to prove myself coz I hv no work to do. So what i want to know is if my job situation is going to change being in the same company or is there a job change ahead?

DOB.... 18th march, 89... Thanks...

Hi Lalee,

Sorry for the late reply, thank you for your question, here is your answer:

So what I'm seeing shows that you have been very patient this whole time regarding your boss and this situation because I'm looking at Temperance.  Now, I do see some victories for you and I feel this is saying that you will be moving on to more work in the future.  I got the Chariot card representing this victory for you and I am definitely seeing more work due to the Knight of Pentacles.  The thing is, you wanted to know if you would find a new job or stay at the company...I feel something in the sense that things will change for you.  I feel you will get a new job and it will be more work and more money for you.  
I feel that you will go on to a new job in the near future.

I hope this helps.

God bless, xoxo

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