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Hi Baihu! This is hemakshi. Can you do a general reading for me? I am facing a few conflicts in the areas of career and love right now. I just want to understand if I am on the right life track. Thankyou!

Hello Hemakshi

I'd like to follow a hunch for you...what I'd like to do is a combination of a yes/no reading and a pathway reading. The way I lay out the cards will be like a yes/no to answer your question about if you are on a good path for you right now...and then look at the cards one by one from the point of view of a pathway reading to get ideas about how to get on or stay on a good path.

Your cards are:

Things working for you / lessons from the past - ace of cups in revers
Things working against you / situation now = ace of coins
yes/no / next best step forward - ace of wands

General pattern...the question I kept in mind shuffling the cards is "Is Hemakshi on a good path"? In a yes/no reading, three aces like this is a definite YES. The challenges you are facing now have some purpose or benefit - it just may not be entirely clear yet what that is...think of old adages like "everything for a reason" and "every cloud has a silver lining", and "that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"...that sort of thing.

The ace of cups means "inner light". Being reversed...in other words showing upside down...gives me the feeling that during recent times of challenge you have had a hard time listening to you heart and intuition...as if all the stress is making it hard to hear the whisper of spirit, and the small voice of your heart and inner wisdom. Yet, it doesn't feel like a bad thing...it has served you well, had a purpose for that to  happen, and may yet be serving you well. Many, many times career changes and challenges require hard cold facts and ruthless logic. There is a feeling here that you are still in a place that needs cool headed decision making, much logic, practicality and pragmatism.

The ace of coins feels like reassurances...both that you will come to a better place career-wise, but also that your connection with hunches, gut instinct, intuition, inner wisdom, inner guidance...that sort of thing...will reconnect at the right time. You'll know it's time to use your intuition when using your intuition feels easy and right...you'll know. It also feels like an element of creativity, perhaps a creative or leadership element that you have been missing will again return, when the time is right.

That creative element will grow, as that is very much the meaning connected with the ace of wands. In fact, your next best step may be to deliberately find a creative outlet, if not in your career and work, then perhaps in your off hours our as a hobby. In touching your creative side (writing, art, music, dance, sports....anything that you really love and genuinely enjoy doing) you will make it easier to touch your inner wisdom and gut instincts when they are needed and the time is right in the career and work part of your life - Make sense?

Do you like Bollywood dance or movies? I don't know why but dance comes to mind for some reason. The logical part of my mind suggests yoga or something like that to manage stress, but that doesn't quite match what my mind's eye sees intuitively...it's more robust.

I'm not getting any sense of love or romance...most often that means the person on your mind and in your heart is simply protecting their privacy on a etheric or soul level, so of course I give that utmost respect.

And there the energy steps back

I wish you all the best :D

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Thank you.  

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