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Am male. Name: G.Sankara Narayanan. DOB: 25.05.1974.
Life move against my aim. First education,next career, then finance and atlast love and family life. all failed on my attempts & when am exhausted, on closure of my efforts, something fall in hand like a miracle which is reverse of my aims. I adopt to live with it. For example, I aimed for electronics career, i ended with contruction. When i struggled for career, love breezed around me, which i skipped. When i searched for love, it vanished. Got married in 2002, ended in divorce soon. From 2002 all my effort and time is spent for love and marriage relation, which i didnt achieve. Women get introduced, expose huge interest on me, but @ start of relation itself, it burn out to failure. nearly 10 times in 10 years.
Now @ age 40, I feel my life as a desert, having wasted my youth life without working & making use of my knowledge, education;lost career,finance in search of love.
Am totally confused and lost self confidence. Which way should i proceed. Should i still aim for love and marriage or else drop them and move on as single? Will i be able to apply my knowledge and education and achieve something? Finance is also below average. Please help me to come out of my agony so that i can find some interest in living.

I found this at the question pool - let me know if I should answer this for you - or whether you have already received an answer.

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