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General reading if you can please
Jeffrey threlkeld 4/26/89

Hi Jeff

I'm just going to follow my instincts and do a pathway type layout for you.

We'll look at the general patter, to through card by card, then take time for a 'cold reading' or 'scrying' portion to allow any other messages through.

After 7 shuffles your cards are:

Lessons from the past: The Hanged Man
Where you are now: Justice
Next step: 10 of cups

General Pattern: Two major arcana cards is significant in smaller cardspreads like this. If things aren't in flux already, there is a high chance they will be soon. The good news is that with a minor arcana card in the next step position, the stress and change will likely be either small or short lived or both. If you are a particularly stress tolerant person, you might not even notice the bump in the road!

Past: The Hanged Man usually means "stagnation" but a lesser known meaning is "fearless sacrifice". I get the feeling the latter is the one for you. I get a mental image here of either military service or extreme sports...a skydiving, rock climbing or bungee jumping kind of feel. I can almost hear the "Geronimo!" Was there ever a time in the past where you lived with gusto...a gung-ho energy you might feel like is missing from your life now? Something that you loved, that other people might have thought was a little nuts, but made you feel 'alive'? If so, this card is asking you to remember that. What is it that makes you happy? Have you set that aside for some practical purpose or out of service to others? If you have, or if for some reason you aren't able to do that specific thing anymore...this card is asking what might bring back that happiness, that mach-2-with-your-hair-on-fire kind of joy and happiness. What made you feel complete in your life in the past, and how can you practically, safely, bring a little bit of that feeling of happiness, and feeling complete back into life again, but in a way that fits your circumstances now...I get a feeling like things might need toned down a bit, and safety needs to be a bigger concern...be happy, but don't give your loved ones a heart attack or put yourself in traction in the process, you know?

Now: Justice (in reverse) reversal, the card showing upside down, is not a big thing the way I read cards. Old school readers totally change the meaning, but I think it just gives context. Justice symbolizes wisdom, although I just got a flash of something 'legal'...do you work with the law profession in any way, or anything where you have to wear a suit to work? It was just a flash, maybe something government, but I'll leave that for you to figure out with whatever grain of salt. The justice card isn't that literal, really. It symbolizes balanced wisdom...more of a king solomon kind of thing. It feels like that advice here is to stay cool, stay logical, that balance, logic and reason are your best tools right now...knee jerk emotion might sabotage what you are working toward. Not to sound like top gun revisited...but stay chill. Your cool head, calmness, logic and intellect could help other people as well as yourself.

Finally your next step forward is a message of hope more than advice. The 10 of cups is a card of a project coming to a good end, a hope or project coming to fruition, a cup filled or a wish fulfilled. Make solid decisions, stay chill and do good work now, and a happy ending is on the horizon. Google the Rider Waite 10 of cups card...the artwork on it will give you exactly the feel of the card.

Cold Reading / Scrying: I see gray colors, like a stone building, colonial architecture...kind of like the Allegheny County courthouse (Pittsburgh, Pa) if you've ever seen it is art or architecture books. In fact, that's just what comes to my mind's eye, with the statue of the mayor in front. Again the notion of men's suit and tie professional dress. Not a bad thing, though. Feels like you are on the professional end, ambitious, successful, confident, I almost want to say 'hipster' but not sure how that fits...will leave that for you too. Make sure you get exercise...I get the feeling of being too sedentary all the time would cut into that success and happiness. Maybe that's where the sports images from the beginning comes in.

When things circle back like that...yep...the energy steps back there.

I hope this helps!

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